The Champions League Thread


Messi is really shit. Has to come incredibly deep to receive the ball at all and has been dispossessed in his own half a couple of times.


Barcelona will win this.


It was pretty obvious he was just tanking it there. Last season he was really good, and right when he’s got to PSG he’s flipped the switch back on.

If I were Ivan Rakitic right now I’d be absolutely furious. Been nothing but a fine player for Barça, but because he’s not really a big name or flair player they felt they needed to spend money and because they probably feel they need to cover their asses cause of what they ill-advisedly spent, he’s not playing in a game like this despite being the superior player.


This match? Or over both legs?


About time Barca get knocked out early.


Welcome back mate!


Yeah, Gomes is such a joke of a player. Verratti on the other hand…thes 360° turns around the opponent, seemlessly followed by an immediate pass through the entire midfield are just delicious.


Rabiot is another player who is having a massive game.


Gómes is actually hurting my eyes. It’s like he’s playing in quick sand.


@Persona, YOU ARE SHIT! RETIRE! FUCKING HIPSTER TEAM! :wenger: @CunningLinguist


Jesus, Barça is absolutely shocking. PSG is actually terribly wasteful, especially Cavani. Barça could easily be 4-0 down. But honestly, it’s like they’re moving in slow-motion in defence, absolute chasms of space all over their defence, without any real explanation…


“2.3 are great odds on a Barca win. Stick 15 quid on”

:jakey: <<<<<<< fucking mug


Completely undeserved how this game has gone. However, they’ve started the 2nd half on the front foot. Complete reverse of the 1st half.

Fuck sake.


Gomes not even trying to stop Draxler. He just can’t do it.


Mitroglou onside because Dortmund put a man on the post.

@BradyMagic :gunnersaurus:


Borussia=a team from North London :hipster:


Barca are truly done! 3-0 Di Maria.


The absolute state of Barcelona!

Perhaps we shouldn’t have bothered winning our group, we could have taken this lot!


Enrique try and save your job and take Gómes off already


Aubameyang, that’s 2… :facepalm:

Get rid and #FreeAlexanderIsak :wink: