The Champions League Thread


Barca starting to improve a little bit now.
Verratti :giroud2:
Draxler with a great trick. Ter Stegen saves it.


The BT Sport commentary is behind the picture ffs. So annoying


HOLY SHIT! Thought it was going in for P.S.G.
Get Rakitic on.


Oh my god… :cech: Benfica just got away with that. Only a matter of time before BVB score now.


Adios Barca! Draxler!


I have no idea. I only watched PSG regularly when Ibra was there. :slight_smile:


Verratti :heart_eyes:


Veratti is absolutely bossing the midfield. Nice finish from Draxler aswell.

Barça need a to rethink this through at half time!


So, Draxler anyone?


C’MON WENGER! We’re gonna win the Champions League this season :hipster: :wenger: :xhaka:



Great watching Barca getting smoked in the first half




PSG have been absolute quality this half, didn’t we have some on here that thought Draxler wouldn’t be an upgrade on the wing for us ? Tears in my eyes.


‘Not better nor worth it in comparison with what we already have.’


True fanboy. :wink:

tbf Theo is better than De Bruyne so pretty hard to upgrade on that.


Draxler dangerous again. He is running riot on the left.
Barca can afford to lose today, but they absolutely need to keep it 2-1.


Draxler would have been our new RvP


Let’s hope that PSG keep their foot on the gas and bang in a couple more goals.


Draxler is so elegant on the ball, he’s probably one of the only players I can remember where his step-overs actually look to me aesthetically pleasing and creative.


Still mortified we didnt sign Draxler. Even when it just wasnt working out for him at Wolfsburg. Ffs.