The Champions League Thread


PSG should be ahead, defiantly made the superior start.


I guess if PSG play Barca off the park it’s fair to say that Arsenal is as good as Barcelona and so we should be favorites for the CL.


I’m personally not a massive fan of him there myself to be honest. Although it’s true he has done a good job there. I felt Vidal was really starting to make that position his own before his injury.

How the hell haven’t PSG scored yet? If they don’t make this pressure count they’ll regret it.


Benfica playing a very high line. Dortmund offside, offside, offside. :hipster:


Why do i get the feeling sutton are soon to be crowned the greatest team the world has ever seen?


How are you doing at the back? :hipster:


They aren’t attacking well or in numbers atm, so fine. :gunnersaurus:


Good. One attack and Borussia are gonna concede for sure :coq:

Neymar looks injured!


Di Maria! Golazo! Truly deserved.


Maybe because it’s true.


Dortmund Benfica looks like the game to watch. End to end first 15mins. Suicidal high line from Benfica that’s only going to bring good things for Dortmund.


That goal was coming. Neymar down injured aswell.

Great start by PSG tonight.


Di Maria big player stepping up on a big night.


Barca are just non-existent in this first half.


Di María is so great to watch. That goal was more than deserved. Barça are all over the place, should really be 2-0 at least on the balance of play, but wasteful from Matuidi.

@A.F how is this team struggling as it is in Ligue 1? On spanish TV the analyst is saying that the big change in PSG this season has not been Emery for Blanc but rather Ibrahimovic for Cavani, which has obligated the team to play in a different way, and that it’s been a transition for that reason…what do you think about that analysis?


It’s the same old story for Barca this season: their midfield is shit so they can’t control the game anymore.


Oooh Andre Gómes close. Great attack from Barça


Well done Trapp.


Gomes should have scored.


Or just watch both. The best kind of Valentine’s Day :heart_eyes:

Was about to comment about Barca not getting out of the starting blocks, but it really should be 1-1 now.