The Champions League Thread


I’m watching the Uefa Youth League and I’m sure about I scouted:

The next Eden Hazard. Adrien Bongiovanni, belgian winger/advanced playmaker, 17 years old (AS Monaco)

The next Marco Reus. Hannes Wolf, austrian winger/advanced playmaker, 17 yeard old (Salzburg)


It’s back! :wink:


Im sure anytime anyone is ‘the next’ they flop



Looking forward to the PSG - Barça game tonight, easily the best tie of the round.


PSG need a positive result tonight and a clean sheet if they are to progress.


Should be good to see where Unai Emery holds up against the best too


Is Andre Gomes playing well now? I’m not a big La Liga watcher so obviously haven’t seen a lot of him but from the few games I saw this season I didn’t think he was anywhere near good enough for Barcelona.


Luckily my girlfriend likes football and doesn’t give a monkeys about Valentine’s Day


I haven’t watched Barça closely enough lately but I don’t really understand why he’s starting over Rakitic.


Who will screw up first? Ter Stegen or Trapp?


He’s been bang average so far this season. As @AbouCuellar says, not sure how he’s starting ahead of Rakitic tbh. Putting that guy alongside Iniesta and Busquets makes it even worse aswell.


P.S.G. very aggressive so far. Cavani has jus bottled a good chance. Draxler looks up for it.


Sergi Roberto at right back lol.

Cavani should’ve scored then really.


He has been played there since the start of the season, tbf.


The technical level of this PSG side is just amazing.


It’s unfortunate he’s had to play there in a game of this magnitude. Feel sorry for him to be honest haha


Aubameyang… Embarrassing effort there man. :facepalm:


He’s done pretty well tbh, I don’t think it’s really an issue, he’s good enough to be starting at right back in a game like this.

edit: lol, that touch from Gomes.


Barca all over the place at the back. Matuidi with a great chance.