The Champions League Thread


It’s well documented how those goals come in games where Madrid are bulldozing opposition or from the penalty spot. Last season in late March he still had not scored one goal that would change a Madrid result (counting penalties, amazingly), not sure if he ever did (that was when the stat came out).

Pointless to put those numbers out without mentioning how many came from the penalty spot.

There’s a huge difference between playing for Real Madrid when you have the likes of Benzema, Modric, Kroos, Bale, James, etc. etc. playing for you (Ronaldo) and playing for Arsenal where you have the likes of Flamini, Ramsey, Campbell, Oxlade Chamberlain, Walcott, and Giroud playing for you.

Of course Ronaldo was a very good player before his decline, where did I say otherwise? He remained overrated because his stunning egoism and the fact the biggest club in the world always played FOR HIM meant his numbers were inflated, but before 2014 or so he was sometimes the 2nd best player in the world (always a long, long way off Messi though, statistically too if you bother to give the stats some interest and context), when at his peak, and when he could still dribble past my grandma. :wink:


You’re just as deluded (and ostrich like) as those idiots in my pub who still think ozil is overrated…


Here those tend to be the same people as those that overrate Ronaldo, so I guess here that would be you.

Go ahead, respond to the actual post. :slight_smile:


Messi and Ronaldo are by far the best players to have ever played the game, I don’t care what black and white pictures anyone else waves in front of me, no other players have dominated the game at even nearly the amount of competition that these two have, especially not for this long. And Messi is better than Ronaldo because of what traits matter the most in football. Ronaldo is still better than Messi at a bunch of things.

Ronaldo does better with his NT, His physical and heading game is much stronger, he is much more versatile roaming the LW/RW/ST in case the initial setup doesn’t work for him and he defends set pieces better when needed to, he is probably the most complete attacking player in the history of the sport. Messi has played for the most functional and tailor suited club in modern times throughout his entire career unlike Ronaldo which skewers the numbers a bit in his favour as well.

But: Messi does about 2 things (dribble with pace and finish) better than anyone else in the history of the sport and those two things are also the most important and sought after things in football for obvious reasons, so that makes him the best imo. The game is about scoring and there isn’t a player that has ever dominated such fierce competition as hard for as long as he has.


Your post lost all credibility when you resorted to that last line so why should anyone bother.


There was a stat posted here showing how Ronaldo has practically the least successful dribbles of anyone in la liga. The guy can’t go past anyone dribbling anymore, it’s a well documented fact at this point, even the most blind madridistas say it. Stop being such an escalating git.

@oompa agree about Messi but there have been a number of players on or above Ronaldo’s level. Including fat Ronaldo himself. Also don’t think Ronaldo really does anything, except headers, better than Messi, unless you are playing a video game.

(Defends set pieces? a) is this the Giroud thread? Let’s compare how good they are at weak-footed backheels while we’re at it. Anyways, Ronaldo is not a good defensively at all, so maybe he’s just got a really good ‘Defend Set Pieces’ attribute that I don’t know)

The statement about Ronaldo being more adaptable would seem to be evidently false too. He’s played successfully one position in his whole Madrid career: left wing. Messi has of course played as a #10, as a RW, and as a #9, each time adapting his game to the position and his teammates.


Your last paragraph, are you forgetting ronaldo nazario? In his prime he was as better than Messi at dribbling, just a shame he was cut short with injuries, but no way in hell was Messi better than R9 at dribbling at his absolute peak. Furthermore, you can add savicevic to that list.


It will count for something in a lot of pub debates but it shouldn’t count for much. Ronaldo was pretty shocking for much of that tournament and did feck all in the final. Messi has been excellent in multiple international tournaments only to do feck all in several finals. He just didn’t get lucky and have a teammate pull a goal out of his ass to win any of those games. If players like Higuain and Palacio could finish then Messi would be a World Cup and Copa America winner. So a case for Ronaldo that rests on Euro 2016 ultimately boils down to the performance of their respective teammates at key junctures: Its a terrible basis for an argument.


Eh, they were both amazing. You’d be splitting hairs to call one better than the other. Definitely not as ridiculous a statement as you’re making out. Certainly less ridiculous than other statements in the same post. Your hate for/bias against Messi is weird.


Don’t know about by far and I also don’t think CR7 is even better than the Ronaldo that Brazil produced who was a phenomenon before the double knee injuries that kept him out of the game for two years.


I -loved- fat ron, he was my favourite striker of all time for a while as a young kid before I guess Henry took over :smiley: But fat ron had a couple of seasons with 30+ goals all comps.

C ron has just had 6 seasons in a row with 50+ goals all comps and he is not even up front most of the time. There is nothing to compare to it. Not even Messi has that high minimum return, but he still has something similar, and the two of them are unrivaled.


Weird? Have you seen your own about Cristiano, there is little difference except only one of them plays for a team that has cheated mine out of silverware so I’d say my “obsession” is far more justified than yours clearly only from a position of jealousy, I can’t see any other motive behind it. Messi is longevity wise the best player of all time, I will concede that happily, nobody comes anywhere near even cr7. But at his peak, I’d pick r9 over Messi, I just don’t like how everyone forgets r9 in the best of all time conversation due to how incredible he was those couple of seasons. Don’t come at me with fucking stats either, nor do I like how his (Messi) popularity helped him undeservedly beat Sneijder to the ballon d’or in 2010, what an utter shambles that was.


There’s a major difference. Messi is a little idiot savant who barely strings a sentence of words together outside the football pitch, and who clearly plays for the right values in football (team efficiency, not diving ;), etc.). Ronaldo is a blathering idiot who makes Trump look like a cool guy who clearly plays for all the wrong values in football.


I sincerely hope that not diving comment was a joke, the fuckwit dives time and again, either way, you have yet again descended the discussion into an absolute farce because you darent actually partake. Par for the course by now what else should I expect.


lol, what? I haven’t seen you respond to a substantive point yet. I’ve made a couple posts of them already without substantive response…

Honestly had never encountered anyone who didn’t praise Messi’s lack of diving, you’re a strange breed on this conversation so I guess as you say it’s ‘par for the course’.

Talking about ridiculous Balón d’Or wins, what about 2013 when Ronaldo was given it basically because Messi had a down year (while still winning more at club level and having better /90 stats as always) and so Ronaldo’s massive media campaign was always going to win out? Even 2014 was a bit absurd given he was one of the least influential players in the one trophy they did win (and his decline had certainly begun that season), and again, as always, Messi on an individual level was the better player.


[quote=“PPB, post:603, topic:143, full:true”]
Ronaldo will always be remembered for winning the Euro while Messi won’t. Surely that has to count for something.
[/quote]Messi will never manage the likes of Lord Bendtner though



I knew Iniesta was good, but them statistics are incredible. I watched the Barca game Saturday, and even saw a bit of their champions league game Tuesday, and Iniesta’s ability to turn past players, especially considering his age, is actually incredible.

I can’t think of many players who are as enjoyable to watch as Iniesta, he genuinely makes the game beautiful to watch.


Ugh, this again.

Ronaldo had one good game in the Tournament and didn’t even play in Finals.
While Messi took his team to 3 consecutive finals.

But the difference is France didn’t take their chances like Chile & Germany did; and Higuain couldn’t do what Eder…fucking Eder did.

Ronaldo was better player when he was with United. Ever since his move to Real, he has been too goal focused to showcase any other attribute of his to full extent.
Messi on other combines goal scoring with exceptional play making skills.

Anyone who loves & appreciate football should consider Messi as greatest & miles ahead of Ronaldo.


If I remember rightly Higuain missed one big chance vs Germany, a one on one with Neuer after being played clean through, and the basically an open goal vs Chile in the 2015 Copa America final. But definitely Messi was instrumental in leading Argentina to basically all three finals.