The Champions League Thread


Tbf from the highlights it seems they were really just desperately unlucky, missed a penalty too which would’ve killed the game off…

Though they do seem to have that Arsenal-esque penchant for being desperately unlucky…quick, run to the Klopp or Wenger thread to note this similarity to help make it look like Klopp and Wenger are even remotely comparable!!


Yeah from what I’ve read they were clearly the better side. Still, they have a real defensive problem that will hold them back quite a lot this year unless they get it sorted.


Ah fair enough. If I recall correctly, from the election chat, I think you’re from a similar area to me, so I get that – my family is half Arsenal, half West Ham. But at school it was all Arsenal and Spurs, with a few glory hunting United fans thrown in. Still though, if I had a son and he came home one day and said, “Mum, I want a Spurs shirt,” I’d put him on eBay! :grin:


Haha yeah I remember you saying! Likewise with me, the town where I’m from is pretty much Tottenham or arsenal with some west ham thrown in for a little mix. The West Ham and Arsenal members of the family have formed a sort of allegiance :facepunch:


Of course, both fucking hate the cunts!


Yeah I’m in a football WhatsApp group and the West Ham and Arsenal fans - plus the lone Chelsea fan - all gang up on the Spurs fans. No one likes them!


My da is a spurs fan too. In fairness to him he was happy we beat Chelsea in the cup final. He definitely hates them the most.


Confession time is it? My Dad is a scum supporter and when I was a baby, he bought me the full Tottenham away kit, yellow one with Holsten as the sponsor…

There is a lone photo floating around with a very vulnerable child, dare I say, a very smiley one, baring enemy colours. My exorcism came not too far after this, thankfully.


How did you pull away?


I want Pulisic.


I don’t know if this loss of Dortmund is a positive of negative thing for our Europa League chances.

Napoli (and Roma) are our equivalents as bottlers in Serie A. Don’t really fear them.


My uncles on the other side of the family were the responsible ones, so it’s all thanks to them haha.



Our first Champions League win will take place in a new stadium. I like that.

We’ll beat PSG 2-1 after a 92nd minute Giroud header wins us the match and earns him a statue :sunglasses:


I want 5 against P.S.G. :hipster:


Money on Real Madrid to beat Atletico in their own stadium?


Hope Dortmund can put the nail in the coffin for Real today. Watching this.


Lovren, Moreno and Henderson :arteta:




Happy to see Gotze back :slight_smile:
Nice ball in by Toljan. Sergio Ramos clears it.
What a ball by Modric!
Insigne. 1-0 Napoli.
Navas with a fucking risky dribbling. If he had lost the ball here it would have been comical :smile:
Carvajal bottles a big chance. Should have passed to CR7.
Christ! Dortmund’s high line is suicidal.