The Champions League Thread


Those special European nights under the Anfield lights. :nauseated_face:


1-1 Maribor.
What a chance for Callejon! Really should have scored here.


Chamberbench coming on for his 4 minutes, oh look at that he’s playing out wide


3-1 Besiktas and game over.
Pass the ball Mertens!




Dortmund are fucked, as they have to face Real next.


Another bad decision.


They can’t defend, was so easy for Spuds to counter and soak up the pressure playing 5 at the back.

Could have been 5 or 6 tonight.


Good game to watch, if a very shit result.


Muriel should have won it for Seville.



Klopp can be so lame, passion merchant.


2-1 FT for Shakhtar. Napoli should feel ashamed of themselves. One of the worst games i have seen from them.


:joy: :joy:

Not sure why but I find this phrase hilarious.


Dortmund and Napoli will probably join us in the Europa League in Feburary…


Not overly concerned tbh


Stole it from my bro lol.


How the fuck did we lose to Liverpool? fucking fuck me.


This gif is a killer :joy:


Can you divorce family in this country? :neutral_face:

How the hell did this happen anyway? I’d never let my son support an arch rival, is your dad weak?


Hahaha. I looked it into it trust me. It wasn’t bad when I was growing up when we were miles better, not so fun now.

My family is split between Arsenal and Spurs with a little bit of West Ham thrown into the mix :neutral_face:

Classic Liverpool I see;