The Champions League Thread





Some game this!!

Kane 2-1 cracking finish tbh. Who ever Dortmund’s keeper is really can’t save at his near post :joy:


Who the fuck is this keeper for Dortmund? He is fucking shite.

Still a good finish from Kane I guess.


Roman Buerki.


It’s september and Kane keeps on scoring.
Shakhtar take the lead thanks to Taison. Great move.


The fuck is you doing Roman Bürki…


Napoli are sleeping. Almost 2-0 Shakhtar.


Man, swiss people can’t play football :smile: . They’d better focus on cheese and chocolate.
Rotten teeth. 1-1 Liverpool. Porto equalize as well.
Don’t think Milik suits Napoli style of play. Mertens is the key.
3-0 City. Dutch League is piss poor @Bl1nk
Sneaky Milik almost took advantage of a throw-in here.
Besiktas up again.


Feyenoord are a worse laughing stock than Ajax


Could be a return to the all English quarter finals (or beyond?) this year methinks

Man United, City and Chelsea are surely going far in this


And yet you lose the league to them :mustafi:


We were holding all the english clubs back :sunglasses:


I think we will tbh. Although I wouldn’t fancy any of them to win it outright


Good ball in by Insigne. Shakhtar defence does well to prevent Napoli from scoring.
1-0 Leipzig.


Transition defense from Monaco has been a joke these past two games.




Tielemans. Monaco equalize immediately.

Yarmolenko’s goal

Liverpool up. Salah.


Dortmund killing it, but their final pass has been so poor. Fancy Tottenham to get the next goal on the counter, probably another Kane goal.


Aye, BVB looking like they can be easily picked off on the counter.


Almost an own goal by Shakhtar. Napoli have barely been dangerous though. They are playing crap.