The Champions League Thread


Could just be that Klopp has realised what a trainwreck his training must have been and is getting him ready?

Just pondering tbh.


Didn’t Ox move to Liverpool to develop and play in his preferred position? I think there must have been some mix-up – unless his preferred position is sat on the bench. In which case, no wonder he wanted to leave, what with all that game time we were giving him.


Ederson starts… If he were a real man he’d play without gloves.

P.S. Heja BVB!


He’s done absolutely nothing in his career to suggest he’s a better central midfielder than Can, Henderson or Wijnaldum. I think Lallana and Milner are better central midfielders than him too. And the Keita deal was wrapped up before he went there so he knew he’d be coming too.

I can understand him not wanting to be here, I can understand his Klopplove and he’s a fan but I can’t understand why he made out he went there to be a midfielder. The one thing he has going for him is that on paper he can play 5 or 6 positions and that kind of player should add value to a squad but to think he’d get in a midfield ahead of any of those guys is just ridiculous.


Heil! :santi2: :hipster:


Come on Dortmund, if only because Mahmoud Dahoud is a great name :ok_hand:


And a great player.
We picked wrong midfielder from Gladback.


Ja, I really need muh BVB to smash these fucks. Pleeeeeasse. :giroud3:

Dortmund are jokes with their Europe kit. 4 kits. Get on it, Stan. :kroenke:


1-0 to City. Stones.



1-0 Scumcunts. Brilliant stuff from Son tbf.


1-0 Spurs. Fuck! Meanwhile, good chance for Shakhtar here.
1-0 Seville! VAMOS! Best city in the world by miles!


Argh fuck sake. Watching this with my dad who’s a spurs fan :confused:


I was hoping Gio’s men might put up something of a fight but that’s a great start, bit of a freak goal




2-0 Aguero. Game already over.


GOLAZOOOO!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:








WHAT A GOAL. 1-1 :giroud3::cech:


Guess who. CR7.
Besiktas up as well.