The Champions League Thread


But unlike Qarabag, Cologne are in a relatively competitive league and not the Harry Potter Of The Rings league.

Seriously, they are awful! We’re not going to walk over a team this easily.


Juventus close to pull one back. Maybe there was even a penalty to Juventus.



3-0 United. Easy for them as well.


The Champions League group stages is garbage though, I mean even we progress to the Round of 16 every year we are in it.


P.S.G. are gonna walk over Bayern at this rate. It’s not fair :arteta:
Olympiakos pull one back.


What a header from cavani, some snooker trick stuff.


There are so many shit teams in this competition! Half the games tonight have been exhibition matches. Really think the format needs to be changed.


The Europa League looks stronger. Always a more difficult path for us!


No shit, sherlock :wink:.


I just mean it’s a tired format. You get the PSGs of the world walking all over the Celtics. It’s just boring. They should seed the champions and then make the rest of the draw a free for all.


Suck it Valverde haters.

You dont win the CL in my FM save for nothing.



Doesn’t matter what they do, if they do that you could just have more hacks reaching the round of 16… the gulf in financial power is what’s killed the Champions League.


3-0 FT for Barca. Juventus had a very good first half where they should have scored, then they collapsed mentally in the second.
Sporting almost shoot themselves in the foot :wenger2:


Yeah CL is shit tbh, so boring.


Xhaka was at United game watching his brother Taulant


Celtic are doing a Conor McGregor. Just happy to be there, getting schooled and pocketing a shitton of money.

Also, feel like Buffon has hit the same part of his career Cech has, and Casillas had before him. Not his usual self imo.


There are 28 Conor McGregor’s in this competition.


I’ve been calling for it for years but a salary cap is needed.