The Champions League Thread


Juventus look like a side that needed to win it last season whilst they were playing supreme football.


I can’t say much about them, but their team last year was very good. Can’t see them beating many of the top teams again this season. Shame hey capitulated in the second half against Real tbh.


2-0 Thiago for Bayern.
Juventus have just given up.


Messi is the goat! :giroud3:. 3-0!




Ridiculous :joy::joy:

The close control and then the finish. Fucking hell.






Dembele is kinda shit.


Walcott is better :hipster:


Messi probably thinks so.


lol, yeh, and Lacazette is as good as Theo. :joy: I see you take after your idol Ox when it comes to your ‘soccer brain’. :kissing_heart:



5-0 Chelsea.


Not a lot wrong with that starting eleven from Barcelona. But do they have the depth to be succesful over a full season? Might just be the difference between them and Real.


@Craigie u ok hun?


Yep exactly. Still think they’re missing something. Still, much better management than last season. That is already obvious from the first few games. Busquets is finally being properly coached again.


Fuck me, Chelsea have got an easier match than any we’ll face in the Europa League. They’re playing against a flipping pub team!


Cologne have 0 points in the league after 3 games :wink:


6-0 Chelsea.