The Champions League Thread


Cavani :joy:


Neymar running things and Mbappe providing a world class outlet.


That was world class, he’s good at assists like :joy:


De Sciglio :arteta:. Great assist to Dembélé! Almost 1-0 to Barca.
Christ! P.S.G. are so fucking pathetic. 3-0 Cavani.
Sturaro on for De Sciglio.


Celtic getting ripped apart


3-0 Sporting.





Messiiii! That was awesome.


Amazing. Such a typical Messi goal, something that Ronaldo could never do, create a wall pass like that out of nothing and boom, goal. No way anyone can half a brain can watch goals like that so typical of Messi and think there is any comparison with Ronaldo.


Brilliant from Messi and it was something out of nothing.


His first goal vs Buffon aswell. Not sure how many times they’ve played against each other. There was the quarter final last year and the final in 2015, aside from that I can’t think of another time they’ve met (bar friendlies).


1-0 Benfica. Meanwhile, Benficare are up.


Why was Buffon standing where he was in that Messi goal?
Poor positioning.


OOOOOH POST! Messi killing it again haha. Buffon lucky it didn’t go back off him into the net.


2-0 United and Barca and 3-0 Chelsea.


And some people said he was finished :wenger:


Too much space left for Messi down the right then, simple finish for Rakitic.

Lukaku just got his first CL goal aswell


People who don’t watch football much :sunglasses:


Real Madrid fans :wenger2: