The Champions League Thread



:xhaka: The Europa League is better :wink:

Dybala wastes a good counter. Good pace in the game so far.
Penalty to Bayern and red card for Anderlecht. Lewa scores.


Dembele + Semedo down the right isn’t looking too bad…


Juventus looking good though. Another chance here.


Which game is the best one?


Barca-Juve. Looking very good and lively.


Dangerous free kick for Barca just outside the box.
Puto Neymar! 1-0 to P.S.G.


Matuidi should’ve been booked for that, Iniesta was close to scoring…


Grande Iniesta!!

yeah clear booking @will24 :joy:


Team Gigi! Good save on Suarez after Messi missed a free kick.


This is a really intriguing tactical game tbh


Barca are easily exploited down the flanks.


Hopefully that hamstring keeps Pogba out for a while, will be a huge loss for United.


Did it look bad? They’re usually about 3-4 roughly right?


Not really, IIRC he hurt his hamstring last season in the Europa League and missed only two games.


2-0 Zappacosta :cech:


Zappacosta > Costa. Looks like Chelsea’s plan B wasn’t such a bad plan after all.


Helps when you’ve got some extra Zapp to your game




I fucking hate P.S.G. :sanchez2:. And Fellaini scores :xhaka: