The Champions League Thread


Roma shouldn’t be a threat. They are us but worse. I fear Tottenham more than Dortmund tbh.


I’ve heard that some European club competition starts tonight?

Meh no Europa League is it? I’ll wait for the proper competition to start on Thursday! :sunglasses:


I might get up early before work for Barca vs Juve…


Definitely watching this :wink:


When do Arsenal play? :thinking:


As soon as we qualify.


You would watch Danish Village League football if It was televised. :grinning:
So I don’t think you are going to miss a top European match like this.

I don’t bother with BBC Sport when I’m looking for football scores, I just come on here and look at your reports.
It’s a lot easier.


There is a minimum level to respect :wink:


I’d watch Danish Village League football too if the alternative was following Parma :speak_no_evil:




Funny as fuck :wink:


I’ve actually watched Danish lower leagues. :kos2:

FifaRalle’s Sunday League Football, it’s actually quite enjoyable and the camera set-up is decent. He uses a drone to get bird’s eye view.

Says Gubbio’s most ardent follower. :wink:


Tell him Cocktor!


Dembélé starts :kos2:. Juventus very weak at the back.

Vietto-Griezmann upfront for Atletico.


Have to say I feel rather sympathetic toward this Barça team…don’t want to cause of Bartomeu and the cunts that lead them, but Dembele, Iniesta, Suárez, Messi, Piqué, Umtiti, Rakitic, Busquets :heart_eyes: Just one cunt in the team (Alba), the rest are lovely.


Busquets is the furthest thing from lovely I can imagine :joy:

@Luca_from_Italy @Persona I’m a loyal Gubbista, got their fixture calendar on my desk and everything :sunglasses:


So don’t break my balls with Parma. At least we are in Serie B, not in Serie C like you, you english rotten pudding :hipster:


Champions league football is back :sunglasses::sunglasses: Easily the best competition.

Gonna opt for Barça-Juve. Hoping Celtic-PSG is good aswell!


Champions League is back, but not for us :santi:


Sporting already up against Olympiakos.
Pedro scores for Chelsea. It’s gonna be so easy for them.
Dembélé is so fucking fast.
De Sciglio :cech:. What a goal that would have been!