The Champions League Thread


Totti not pleased with Sheva’s draw lool


Real Madrid and Dortmund :joy:

I think Spurs will be joining us in February.


I’m sure we’ll be facing Qarabag in the EL , with the draw they just had, Good times.


I for one can’t wait to struggle against an Azerbaijani team


Only group H can send a really difficult opponent back to the Europa League, if everything goes as supposed.


Exciting times for Apoel fans. Can’t wait for us to draw the most uninteresting teams they could find on the map tomorrow.


No we won’t, it’ll be Roma who’ll most likely drop in from that group. Qarabag will be finishing bottom with 0 points. Sorry @Craigie :speak_no_evil:


I hate Klopp so much. They got the easiest group. If they don’t walk it they are shit.


Celtic’s group :joy:


Fuck this shitty cup


Indeed, I missed that detail.


Liverpool and United got the hookup.

Spuds though…LOL


Some nice trips for ya there, @Craigie. :giroud3:





Because of the rule that teams from the same nation can’t play each other etc. you’re going to have a lot of similar draws.


Even so, that’s a europa worthy list of teams.


It’s not like we had the best of teams to play against when we were still in pot 1…


Let me moan god damn it


Roma/ Tottenham or Dortmund look like they will be our main threats that drop down in Feb.


Definite group of death. Any of those 4 could win the group.