The Champions League Thread


High pressing to win the ball back, widen the ball and perfect cross in the middle :giroud2:


2-1 Ben Yedder.
Basaksehir equalize. Ono more goal and Seville are out!
Lorenzo il magnifico! 2-0 Napoli! :giroud3:


Emre hit the post off a free kick, Sevilla are very lucky.


Napoli, Olympiakos and Seville are through.


Would love Hoffenheim to take it to ET today.


Moreno again :arteta:



That might be my favourite statistic of the last few years


“You’ll never walk alone” and then silence for the whole game.
Salah should have scored here.
Chance for Mané as well. Liverpool have started well.
Ahahah! What a miss by Hoffenheim! Thanks god for them it was offside.


Gnabry lucky as fuck he was offside


1-0 Can deflected.
Klopp chest bump. Fucking cunt!!! Fuck off, you camera queen!
Hoffenheim look crap.
Sporting lead.


Tie over, stream off.


Game truly over now. Salah 2-0. Great defence once again, lol!
Does Klopp suffer from some mental disease?
3-0 lol!!! @Robin_L, book your tickets for Hoffenheim :grimacing:
1-1 Steaua.


Nothing energy wise being used by Liverpool for the weekend here ffs. Not looking forward to playing them.


This is embarrassing for Hoffenheim, Liverpool are destroying them.

I hope I’m not replacing “Hoffenheim” with “Arsenal” in that sentence come Sunday :see_no_evil:


Gnabry, you cunt! Should have scored. We were right to sell you! :hipster:


Why? We are gonna lose 5-1 on sunday. Tell all your friends to have this best :wink:


Pullis found that cunt out.:grin::grin:




I don’t have any friends :santi: