The Champions League Thread


4-0 Celtic. Meanwhile, Nice lost the plot and are down to 9 men.
2-1 Seville with Ben Yedder.


Well it’s not like we can offer him any better


5-0 Celtic. Celtic>>>>>>>Arsenal @Calum @Electrifying :wink:
Seville, Celtic, Hapoel, Napoli and Olympiakos win.


Can’t see Napoli risking that much today, albeit both Balotelli and Sneijder are gonna play.
Astana-Celtic 1-1 at HT.
Lol! Celtic are losing 3-1. Astana need 4 other goals to qualify!
4-1 :smiley:
You read Celtic Twitter and it’s only Astana. Chances after chances.
Game over. 4-2.
4-3 FT for Astana. Celtic are through.



Nice have started well.
Seri booked for a nasty challenge on Mertens.


Put on the Sevilla game and I see Adebayor playing for the opposition. Swear this guy had retired!


Clichy as well!
Meanwhile, great pace in Nice-Napoli.
Oh Mertens! Great chance for Napoli.


Didn’t even see him mentioned :open_mouth:


Maribor score.


Sevilla 1-0 behind, Adebayor with the assist haha

Edit:my bad he didn’t get the assist!


Elia scores for Basaksehir. He is another european football reject.


Meh. He won the title with Feyenoord last season. He did the ‘good’ thing already. Now he’s getting payed which isn’t unfair considering he’ll be 31 this season.


Cardinale is shit.
Olympiakos score. Very important goal for them.
Napoli are playing Nice off the park.
Saint-Maximin is good.
Fucking hell! Napoli press like mad. They are outstanding! :giroud2:
How Napoli are not ahead is beyond me.




thats the container for nails and pins :coq:


Saint-Maximin completed 6 dribbles that half lol


Callejon! Finally!


Escudero! 1-1


Nice are trying something now.
Zielinski on for Hamsik.