The Champions League Thread


Who are their star players?


:hipster: It was just an update :xhaka:


Gotta love the coverage LSN provides on OA. (Luca Sports News :poldi: )


I knew you would have had a dig at me :hipster: :wink:


Hibernians-Infonet Tallinn 2-0
TNS-Europa 1-2
Vikingur-Trepca 89 2-1


are you watching these as well?


No, just updating the results :wink:


Linfield-La Fiorita 1-0. The former Roma player Tommasi played for the San Marino outfit.


Petition to change Luca’s name to Luca Sports News needed @Mysty :stuck_out_tongue:


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Petition to change Luca’s name to Luca Sports News needed @Mysty :stuck_out_tongue:
[/quote]If ever we change Luca’s name, he’s definately having Ceefax_from_Italy again :poldi:


I’d vote for Lucabot






Vikingur and Hibernians are the first teams to qualify.


Fucking hell shammy :joy:


TNS from Wales, Alashkert and Linfield are through as well.


The second qualifying round first leg takes place today and tomorrow.


So who to look out for? Any interesting games/players/managers?


RB Salzburg I guess, they always seem to have talent and Rene Maric of Spielverlagerung has now been promoted to first team assistant coach after winning the UEFA Youth League last season.


I stopped watching them after the Xth time of them losing out on Champions League football.