The Champions League Thread


Max does have a bit of a fetish for midfielders that aren’t really anything special.

And @GunnerGirl agreed. Even though we embarrass ourselves every year at the round of 16, we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves that much if we ever actually got to a final.


Did I say that? I guess I’m not allowed to disagree with Allegri because he’s infallible.


We would have been slaughtered by Real, Juve are ten times the team we are. I seriously think some Arsene Fc fans need their head checked.


It’s worth remembering most important isnt synonymous with most talented, irreplacable or most likely to make the best youtube videos. The role he plays is vital all the same.

Now where are the chuckle brothers hiding?


No you didn’t I did. And please don’t victimise yourself, this is just an Internet forum ffs.


Was a good final. Real Madrid were just too good for Juve. Never saw a 4-1 win coming though


A good final and a well deserved winner. To bad the ref fell for Ramos pathetic display at the end. So unnecessary when the game is already won.


I see it as instinctive reaction by Ramos, it’s ingrained in him, the instinct to cheat and deceive. Perhaps for these type of players the opportunity to “get your opponent sent off” is an honourable strategy to aid your chances of winning the game


Any news about @AbouCuellar? :hipster: I am worried for him.



The first qualifying round starts today.


I can’t believe we’re not in it.
The last time we didn’t qualify for it was before the internet had got going, and mobile phones were like bricks.

Let’s hope we don’t have another season like we did again last season, and get the signings we need, well before the first game.

The Europa League is bad enough, but watching every other top club, except us in the CL, is too much.


The state of those teams in the first qualifying round - Alashkert, The New Saints, Europa FC FFS! Give us one of their places :grin:


So do you want to start the season now? :grimacing:


Alashkert-Santa Coloma 1-0 FT.


Do you even know who these teams are? lol


The former is from Armenia, while the latter from Andorra :wink:


Why not? Could probably field our under 8s against some of these teams.


Go on Europa FC! Fight for the honour of Gibraltar… You may not be able to play in European competition much longer. :giroud3:

P.S. Armenia playing in UEFA seems weird. :neutral_face:

The Europa League Thread

No one gives a fuck. And if they do they won’t be coming on here to get that information.