The Champions League Thread


The better team win. Juventus did nothing in the second half.


A brace for Giroud and a long range strike from Coq, Real Madrid too good.


Tactically out played, which is rare for Allegri’s Juve.

Cuadrado lost his cool for the last 30 minutes and Ramos’ bullshit made him pay for it.

One or two attempts in the second half is why they lost like they did.


Out played and out worked too. Modric was brilliant and Ronaldo cemented his legend.


Mandzukic’s goal deserved to be on the winning side but that’s unlucky. Madrid have won it 12 times now, imagine just winning it once :expressionless:


I use too.


Juve and Higuain. Proper final loser combination.


Ronaldo has done well for himself…


Is Dybala really WC? Did nothing yesterday.


So because he didn’t have a good CL final he isn’t WC?


Sanchez did nothing yesterday either. Not WC.


“People talk about Isco and (Gareth) Bale but for me, the most important player would be Casemiro because without him, the team can’t play the same," said the Italian. "He is the man who gives balance to Los Blancos and for me, he is fundamental."
Allegri knows.


Messi did nothing vs Juve, not world class.


Dybala is good but has a way to go before being world class tbh.

Plus we should be cautious about criticising anyone that doesn’t turn up in a final, since… well… you know…


At least we haven’t lost 7 Champions League finals like those losers Juve. You can’t lose it if you don’t qualify :hipster:


Allegri couldnt even do the treble. Glad we kept Arsene.


Spot on. He is very good, not WC yet.


It’s not much of a thing to do the dirty work when you’ve got the two best CM’s in world football controlling the game and lessening the need for you to carry the ball.

It’s true he gives the team balance but many others would also, Casemiro is a decent player nothing more but most important? Nah.


A great 1st half with a wonderful goal from Juventus to grace a top final. Sadly in the nd half Real’s class prevailed and Juve couldn’t handle them. Ronaldo had a quiet game yet scored two goals, Kroos and Modric were fantastic in the midfield. Only blight was Ramos diving antics near the end. Great final overall and scary to think that Real will get stronger in the summer.


I guess Allegri doesn’t know what he’s talking about.