The Champions League Thread


is your friends name Tarzan?


No, his name is Single.


My team:


Predictions for tonight? I cant see Juve giving anything but 110% for the treble


1-1, Buffon wins on pens.


Fancy Juventus 1-0 or 2-0

Forza Juve


Totally behind Juventus for this



Hope Juventus win cause of Buffon, a model professional who stuck with Juventus through tough times and seems like a good guy. But have a feeling Real will win this by 2-1, with Bale coming off the bench and winning it. Hope it’s a classic final cause we haven’t had one since Liverpool/Milan final of 2005 imo.


Whoever gives the best bribe will win…


Hope Real do it tbh. Juventus have lost a big share of these finals and think they will be very cautious on the night.


Dont care both a pair of corrupt in debt shit cunt teams…


Juventus to win on penalties.


Hopefully @AbouCuellar gets his wish and there are loads of noisy people and car horns going off in celebration of his beloved Real Madrid tonight


Backing my man Alves and Juventus tonight :facepunch:


Anyone in Cardiff? What’s it been like with the Real and Juventus supporters around for a day or two?


No idea if enough people are around for this but lets give it a go -

MDC Open


You beat me to it. Guess there’s a first time for evetything :wink:

I would allow Luca in for a one off but will you agree @Leper? :sweat_smile:


Yes, #FreeLuca!


I like that you think putting me on the spot publicly about it would influence my decision :smiley: