The Champions League Thread


90% of the clubs are a waste in the CL. There are about 4 or 5 teams in the world that can win it. Bayern, Barca, Madrid, Juventus (PSG, and Atletico maybe?) So why don’t they just cut out all the rest and just have the top 4 teams?


But it wasn’t always those 5 clubs. Sometimes other clubs were up there. Sometimes a club has a great season and makes their mark before fucking off. Either is more than anything we ever did.

EDIT: Remember that Red Star Belgrade have more CLs than Arsenal


I’d be OK with that as pretty soon nobody would give a fuck.


Not enough of a money spinner without all of the top clubs.


We don’t even have to win it I just want us to COMPETE. We don’t even do that :disappointed:


im glad you said this. I started typing it out, but couldn’t get the right words out.


You should love the super cups tbh.


Super cups?


Yeah so the point is if you are an Arsenal fan you should always want to qualify because you don’t know what is going to happen. Usmanov takes over and loosens up the purse strings, we get a sporting director, we buy Greizmann, Isco, and Mahrez. But now we’ve got europa league football…


At least we topped our group unlike the last time United played CL football.


Dortmund and Atletico have made the final numerous times, and they dont have the spending power of those big clubs. We have no excuse really.


Dortmund is actually a Champions League winner


Community shield,
UEFA supercup,
DFL Supercup (germany)
Supercoppa Italiana

All the same format. One game, one trophy, huge pre-requisites for entry, but still, once your in, its a cup final. No going out to a bunch of farmers in a group stage, bliss. :smile:


I didn’t say anything against them did I?

I always want to win the CS when we are in it!


Can’t disagree with the piss taking tweets, we have only made the last 4 twice for all our countless years in the competition.


So if Spurs play the Community Shield in August you’re going to say the same?


What have i said exactly?


huge pre-requisites for entry
cup final

Just seems weird saying they would be participating in a cup final as they wouldn’t even need to win anything to participate :grin:


ohhh. my bad. Well yeah because they still had to finish second, and have things fall into place for them, despite not winning anything.

If anything it’s even more special for them, to which i say fair play.


A friend of mine has bought a ticket for the CL final tomorrow evening, without realizing it’s the same day as his wedding day. If anyone wants, they can go instead of him, no charge. All they need to do is be present at 1 pm at the Wedding Reception Venue Center. The bride’s name is Jane.