The Champions League Thread


Sergio Ramos already being kicked off the park :smiley:
Danilo booked. Rough start.
Good chance for Koke. It was almost impossible to score from there though.
Torres close now. Good start by Atletico.
There is gonna be some reds for sure today.
Atletico playing tiki-taka, lol!
Real look shit if they don’t use their full backs properly.


Go on lads, one more


The game is slowing down now.
That was yellow.
Edit: both Godin and Ramos are booked now.


Lol this ref is great. Keep it up. Not taking shit from Ramos

Edit: or Gabi!


Could have been dangerous for Atletico here. Modric saves Real.
Another yellow, lol!
Marcelo and Danilo being very quiet today. In fact Real are struggling.
Benzema :giroud2:. Game over Isco.


I’ve accepted Real will be in the final (despite Atleti making this a fun game). My only hope if for Ramos to get sent off and miss the final. That’d be superb.


Great first half. Atletico can’t do much more.


Good half. Shame they conceded.


Away goals are a bit stupid. How many ties are killed just from one away goal.

An away goal when the two teams are from the same city aswell lol.


Well done to Atletico for making it interesting for a bit, but I suppose deep down you know Real is always going to score 1.


To be fair, Real deserve to win this tie. They have been by far the better team. The difference in class is obvious.

They should have lost to Bayern though. And hopefully they get their just desserts vs Juve.


Hope Atletico win at least.
Real want the second.
Isco with a very nasty foul on Gimenez.
Benzema is better as winger than as striker.
Gameiro and Thomas on.
Atletico have given up a bit.
Wow Navas! What a double saves!
Navas again!
Benzema MoTM, imo.
Asensio and Lucas on.
Great defensive cover here.


Isco is so fucking good


Griezmann has been poor in both games.


Would be funny if Manu went for him and he turns out to be another big name mediocre player like pogba


Or Arsene :wenger: :giroud:


So it’s Juve-Real.


Very boring final it’s gonna be.

Hope Juve win it for Buffon, but I won’t bother watching I think.




Juve will outthink and outclass Real and cement their place as the best team on the planet. Huge respect for them.