The Champions League Thread


Go on Dani my man, end Real like you did week in week out back in the day.


Dybala already off?
Cuadrado should have scored it.


Higuain is so fat lol


Shit second half for Mbappe. Great move here though.
Mbappe. 3-1.
Sneaky bastard. Glik remember when he played for Torino.


Monaco score! Our record never in serious danger anyway :sunglasses:

In all seriousness judging by how good this Juventus side is, how the hell did we even get close to 995 minutes :open_mouth: Doesn’t get the attention deserves relative to some of the other records we hold imo


Unbelievable stat tbh :open_mouth:


Glik should be off


Both Glik and Higuain will get sent off.
Jardim risking another striker.



Games’ gone very tetchy


Deserved final for Juventus.
And to think everybody thinks Allegri would have done jack shit after Conte, lol!


Dani Alves has 12 assists in the UCL since the start of the 14-15 season.



I see the Reverend, I click like.


Yeah, typical italian boy.


Is it? Its basically a goal a game which is very good but not quite unbelievable


I think it’s more the fact he’s a kid and all of his goals have come at the most glamorous stage of the competition when generally only the big teams remain. He’s got goals against City, Dortmund and Juventus so it’s very impressive. I agree that the word unbelievable is probably the wrong word to use.


I don’t think he started many group stage game either. I don’t think unbelievable is too much of a hyperbole in this case tbh. He’s scoring at a rate at an age that hasn’t really been seen since Messi.


Agreed - that is just ridiculous at his age.