The Champions League Thread


Monaco have started very well.


very well… could this be one of the great games of champions league football?


Khedira looks injured.


you know what. If (i know it wont happen) we sold Alexis and Ozil, and signed Silva and Mbappe.

That would be okay.


Mendy crosses so well.
Higuain bottles it here :smiley:
Christ! Monaco’s defence all over the place again. Great save by Subasic.


Higuain is on the tubby side :fries:


Juventus are stepping up now. They should be up.


Feels like watching Arsenal. :smile:

I’m really not sure im sold on Jardim as a Wenger replacement. Assembled a fine squad here, but it all feels a little Liverpool/rodgers.



It was coming. Tie over. Mandzukic. Another crap defending.


Scottish stats boy :wink:


to be fair, Mandz has looked sharp as fuck. Been terrorising the Monaco defenders.


Monaco are in trouble everytime Juventus attack. You can clearly see it. They are tactically inept.


Maybe, you have to consider the wealth of experience the Juventus team have.

Juventus switching styles is fascinating though. Allegri is the grand master.


Mbappe and Falcao just inches away from scoring here.


What. a. goal.


Golazo! Alves!




It’s gonna be such a tight final.