The Champions League Thread


Would be too fanciful for a GK to beat CR7TM to the ballon dor but it would be delicious should it happen.


sorry if this is me being obtuse, but, TM?


Theo…what’s Theo’s middle name?

Elec at least gets it.




Isn’t James just a nickname for Martin?


Rondalo will win it regardless.

Suarez should have won it last year, it’s practically the Messi/Ronaldo trophy.


:arteta: No you’re thinking of Lionel.


Ah, well, in that case, we’ve really strayed from the topic at hand. Apologies OA. Plz don’t ban me mods.



was a tongue in cheek comment that the powers that be would probably make sure the man with the brand gets it. CR7TM or LM10TM. So they get more shirt sales in Singapore or whatever.

Just couldnt be arsed putting it in superscript.


yeah i figured. :smile: cant see him getting one again unless he ‘officially’ becomes a striker.

While he isnt what he used to be, games like he had the other day are a clear indicator he is still a force to be reckoned with.


No he’s clearly shit now and isn’t even fit to lace Messi’s boots because Messi is GOD apparently and Ronaldo is just some two-bit hack chump who only scores penalties in games against Getafe.


:smile: lmao. duh. Conform or go back under a maltese (maltan? meh) rock


How good is this poster advertising the match on BT tonight!! :clap: Brilliant imagination from the illustrator


The Champions League return legs aren’t that exciting this week, both ties are all but decided.


Agreed. I think both games will be borefests.

Europa League could be similar if Ajax and Man Utd score early goals.


When is the Ajax United game?


UEFA Europa League 2017 Finale . 20:45
woensdag 24 mei
Alle tijden zijn in Midden-Europese Tijd.

Copy and pasted it from google, couldn’t be arsed to translate :smiley:


Juventus with the same formation they used last week, with Barzagli as RB.


If Mbappe had scored here…:giroud2:
3-4-1-2 for Monaco. Bernardo Silva is playing as AM.


Bernado Silva as a CAM. Honestly love watching him play.