The Champions League Thread


Falcao too slow here. Could have easily scored.


Silva is class


Monaco are just miss the final touch today because they are creating something. But Juventus’s defence is rock solid.


So badly wish we could have Allegri at arsenal!


Instead Le Dinosaur is staying for two more years :hipster:


Pretty disappointing Semi Finals from to be honest, both of them are dead and buried after Leg 1.


Damn! Higuain looks so hungry on the bench :poldi:


Or are they!?




King Gigi! If God exists this man will win this trophy :open_hands:


Nothing you can do against Juventus. They are just a tank protected by a wall.


Who’d have thought when you actually buy good players for good money you get good results.

Crazy this managerial stuff.


Fucks sake. Either Madrid retain the trophy meaning milan aren’t the last team to do it, or Juve win it which, shudder…


So gio but everyone apart from Real Madrid fans and Juve’s rivals are gonna want Juventus to win so Buffon finally gets that deserved CL win


A tank could easily drive through a wall. Maybe the tank should be protecting the wall!!


Easy there, Gunning_from_Ireland.


Juventus, best team in the world. :clap:


‘‘I swapped shirts with Mbappe because I remember when I was a kid people didn’t want to swap with me and I hated it’’ - Buffon


I have been seriously impressed with Juventus this CL run. Rock solid. I want anyone to win it but Real. Would be nice for Buffon, the lad is 39!


Who wins the Champions League between Buffon and CR7 will win The Ballon d’Or as well.