The Champions League Thread


Ronaldo GOAT, sorry Messi




I think there’s a sizeable gulf in ability between the two and always has been.


Mbappe&Falcao vs. Bonucci&Chiellini. Top clash today.


Allegri being cautious today


So Barzagli as RB.
Bernardo Silva showing his class here.
Higuain is just a bottler in the Champions League.
LOL! Higuain is just too fat to hit that ball.
Nice by Mbappe here. C’mon Monaco!
FUCK! Mbappe could have scored here.
Falcao reaches to sky to hit this ball. Good save by Don Gigi.
Juventus are struggling down the left.
You just can’t stop Mbappe.
Higuain ahahahahha! Please stop FFS!
I spoke too soon. 1-0 Higuain.



Edit: seriously Falcao, give me your hair.


That was a seriously good goal. Fuck me


Great counter attack. Interesting to see how Monaco respond!


Argh! Could have been a good chance for Monaco here.
Monaco are fucked now that Juventus are gonna park the bus and play on counter.


Juventus are just simply too well drilled and organised.


Higuain complaining he has not eaten today.


Had Mbappe for the first goal and he missed two great chances :xhaka:


Monaco have disapparead after going 1-0 down. Comfortable for Juventus.



That is brilliant lol


Falcao :xhaka:
C’mon Monaco! They have started well the second half.
Cuntish by Daniel Alves.
Monaco should let Juventus to come at them so they could hit them on counter.
2-0. Fatty again. Bakayoko being a turd here.


Scores a lot of goals for a fat prick


Bakayoko off. Terrible display today.


The tie being over in the first leg is probably the best thing for Monaco, it’s 3 points ahead in Ligue 1 now with much more goal difference and they have a game in hand with 3 games to go.

Being able to concentrate on the league might be a blessing in disguise.