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I don’t even know if mans is better than Coquelin


He has learnt from Coquelin how to play football.


Simeone must be glad the game is finally over. What a poor show by Atletico!


Imagine how much Real would have won by tonight if they had Giroud instead of Ronaldo @AbouCuellar


The Ronaldo from 2006-2014 was enjoyable to watch (unfortunately not for us). Explosive pace, unreal skill, great determination, and spectacular finishes.

He has lost a lot of this in recent years. He’s still a superb goalscorer (stating the obvious here, one of the best goal scorers ever), but definitely less enjoyable to watch as a player. I think it also stems from the fabric of this Madrid team. They have great winners, and a mentality that is devoid from any other club. They know how to win tournaments and games that look impossible for them to win. They are however rather dull at times.


Even after our shitshow of a season, I still can’t bring myself to enjoy watching Ronaldo and Real Madrid. Just reminds me of fucking shit we are.


Mh, mh… it’s only a case if he is starter into a team capable to buy every player on this planet.


Mathieu starts for Barcelona, Arbeloa used to start for Real Madrid, Denilson used to play for us, Djimi Traore has a CL medal, as does Roberto di Matteo.

Point is, just because those things may be the case, it does not mean they are actually any good.



Mathieu never been a key player for Barça as Denilson and Djimi Traore. Arbeloa isn’t a case if he stayed in Madrid for seven years (over 235 caps).

Fifa isn’t Real Football.


I thought Juve was going to win the Champions League, but after watching Real Madrid tonight I’m not so sure. They made Atletico look like Arsenal.


Luckily I don’t play.

Some would have argued Giroud was a key player for Arsenal at one time. But I’d bet most would say now they can play better without him.

One thing I will give Casemiro is that his existence allowed Kroos and Modric to play freer, without having to worry about defence as much. Both of whom btw had awesome games.

As a player himself, he is pretty crap. So in essence, a real Coquelin clone.


His existence helped Real to balance the team, he is a good recoverer and can play the ball because has not a bad technique.

For me, especially for 5M, he is a good player, better than many midfielders pumped by the media.

Do you remember what has been said about Fernando, Krychowiak, Xhaka, Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, Capoue and Sissoko?


What a player Ronaldo is. That finish for the 2nd was sensational.

Real vs Juventus or Monaco is gonna be some final


Ronaldo has 2 hat tricks in a row v world class teams, best in the world atm


I think you’ll find Giroud’s nqTSkx/90 is better than Ronaldo’s psDFzx/90 though


Ronaldo scores a CL hattrick




Ronaldo is indeed better than Giroud, I’ll admit. With him and Walcott it’s still splitting hairs though.

Must be nice to play in Kroos’ team. My god, that guy is not a human, I am convinced, he’s some advanced form of AI that Merkel and the US government have schemed up conspiratorially…maybe Florentino’s mafia is in there somewhere. Every time I watch him at the game itself I’m left in awe. He does everything perfectly, there’s no way there’s actual blood running through those veins.

Casemiro is fucking awful. My friend who’s an Arsenal fan (and, I think like a few on here, closet madridista) texts me saying Casemiro is better than Coquelin. Nah. At that level of shitness it’s splitting hairs, but I honestly think Casemiro is equally or as shit. Every time I watch him in the stadium, it’s the inverse of Kroos, I realise he’s even shitter than I thought. I understand partly why Modric is having not so great a season this one, he practically has to play as an interior RB to give Casemiro an extremely easy option to pass, and Kroos as an interior LB on the other side, though Kroos’ advanced AI abilities mean he still dominates the game somehow. Amazing how he’s stealing a living in the Madrid first team…can only imagine how good Madrid would be with a good manager who set them up with Kroos as the 6, or a pivot of Kroos and Modric with Isco just ahead forming a midfield 3.

Definitely the worst version of Atléti in the recent years this one. The magic has run out, they were lucky to draw Leicester.


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