The Champions League Thread


I always rock my OG12 shirt, no matter the occasion.


Brave!! You sitting with them then? :smile:



It’s alright though, cunts give me enough shit about Arsenal that they can take some of their own medicine.


Giroud this season has 1 of the highest nonPG/90 in Europe because of his super sub endevours. As a starter no way does Giroud average a goal every 100 minutes. Also your ignoring CR7s 7 non penalty goals in 10 CL games and 11 assists this season. Yes it is laughable.


Atletico need to score an away goal tonight if they are to progress IMO.


Vamos Atletico!


Isco on for Bale.


Atkinson is the referee :expressionless:
Atletico playing their usual aggressive style. Love it!
What a chance for Real! Chaos in the box!
CR7 at it again. FFS! Real were starting to dominate, tbh.


Real Fraudrid continue their ways.

Atletico defence has been terrible the last 5 mins.


At least it wasn’t Arsenal defending crap this time :gabriel:


Atletico have lost the plot. They are leaving so many gaps at the back.


Also Benzema sucks. Thank god we didn’t get him. Rather have Giroud


Oblak! What a save!
Now Navas under the spotlight. Good save.
Benzema is having a mare today.


Benzema = :poop:


Benzema pathetic.
Modric so close!
What a goal it would have been!
Atletico still have to shoot on target.
Simeone needs to kick them up their ass at HT. They are playing like a bunch of 5 years old.
Carvajal down injured. Look bad.
1-0 Real HT. Atletico lucky to be only one goal down.


yep. But also been impressed by Varane. Dunno why he has to make so many last ditch tackles though. Maybe his partner is again showing why he epitomises the term Real Fraudrid, as he is biggest of them all.


Isco is everywhere. He is the first option on attack, the first option on midfield when Casemiro or the defenders decide to explore the left flank, the first option for Marcelo, the first option for Ramos to build up an action from the defense.


Yeah Giroud is better than Ronaldo so of course you’d rather him than Benzema. Real Madrid far superior team in that first half, luckily its only 1-0.


Ok, Simeone wants to keep it tight to score in the dying minutes of the game. It’s the only tactic i can see for this game.