The Champions League Thread


Give it up please.


Monaco or Juventus as winners please. If one of those teams win it, the more likely their manager is going to be looking for another challenge. One would think.


I absolutely love this football show on BBC 5 Live. They discuss the Champions League quearter-fnals, and go a bit in-depth at the situation at Barcelona.



Right, i’ve gone to whoscored, found some players, clicked detailed, and done goals > situations > per 90. Then subtracted the ‘total’ by ‘pens’ and got the following.

I’ve stuck it in excel to make it easier to read, MAY have made 1 or 2 mistakes because i was on auto pilot.

What we can deduce from your approach to stat interpretation is that Iheanacho > Messi at goal scoring, right?


I don’t even think it’s worth continuing to dignify his embarrassing argument with a response.


I think you added ‘Total’ to ‘Normal’. It’s the normal figure you want. That graph is all crazy haha. Suárez is at .9 to Ronaldo’s .6, just off of the quick looks I did yesterday for example. :grimacing:

Anyways, my argument wasn’t that at all. This was never an argument about just goalscoring, hence why I threw in a bunch of other stats to demonstrate my point. My argument was that Giroud-Ronaldo makes for a good comparison because they are two very flawed footballers who take away from/fail their team-play in many ways, yet both score at a very good rate, however Ronaldo doesn’t even score at a phenomenal rate any more, hence why I feel comfortable comparing him to the likes of Giroud.

In the end both teams are better off/would be better off without them.

Also Iheanacho is in an extremely small sample size…

Yeah, because aside from Ronaldo fanboyism, you’ve made such a good argument. :rolling_eyes:

It’s funny how defensive people get about an argument like this, really serves to demonstrate my point about how successful people have been brainwashed re: Ronaldo’s ability. Helps a lot to steal a Balón d’Or and have your national team luck into a European Championship in an absolutely stupid competition in the first place, I guess.


problem is tho Abou that you cant be taken seriously if you have an attitude that CR7 isnt that good or not an elite talent, but then cry over a player like Gnabry!


i will go on the laptop and investigate in a bit. Need a joint first. thanks for the heads up though.

With regards to sample sizes, Girouds numbers are good because of his bit part usage/losing his place.

Much like Podolski, when used as an impact sub, all we see is the ‘impact’. Id imagine Girouds 15/16 numbers give a more fair and accurate reading.

As @JakeyBoy said though, while these per 90 stats are alright, over the course of the season it will of course drop to what i can only assume is dead last on that list.

Ronaldo isnt clinical, nor is he a world class wide forward anymore (i dont care to argue semantics on his position or what world class means atm), but as a poacher / goal threat, he is phenominal.

in spite of his decline he still achieves numbers most players dont get in their primes. Which is why i find your negativity towards him very unfair.


That’s the thing, though, there’s been a number of players who score .6 nonPG/90 while being fairly detrimental to their team in all other aspects, and without playing in a team as potent or talented as Real Madrid (which will naturally give what might be a lower average/90 a bump). Walcott, for instance, scored .6 nonPG/90 in 12/13.

That’s true about Giroud and sample size, but when he’s been in a starter in recent seasons he’s put up similar #s (.6 and .7).

The point is, at this stage in his career Ronaldo is an incredibly average/mediocre talent, who gets the starts and respect he does at a club like Real Madrid on name and ‘aura’ and ‘marketing’ and all that shite alone. And people are able to make him look a lot better than he is by using his goal tally with penalties included.

Tbf, Walcott is probably a better example, as his .5 nonPG/90 would probably be .6 or .7 at Madrid, and he’s similarly useless to Ronaldo in other phases of the game, and plays the same position as him (wide forward), unlike Giroud. Given the amount of hate Walcott gets I’m not sure that would be a better or worse received comparison, though, and the Giroud comparison is just a bit more fun.


You’ve gone full Brady on this ac.




I think you’ll find the stats prove Gnabry is easily better. He has a far higher npfxG/90 and aFro/90 than Ronaldo does this season. There for all to see man.


Gnabry is better.


Real Madrid vs Atletico in the semi final.

No Madrid final, thank god!


A welcome relief.


Exactly haha. At first it was a novlety, but after last years tedious final I’m glad its been prevented!



Juventus are clearly favourite now, imo.


Interesting to see if Juve can keep a clean sheet against Monaco as well.


Just got tickets to the semis to watch the derby with easily my 3 most madridista friends (they’ve got the connects to the tickets, as madridistas are very much the inbreeding sort)…going to be super awkward :grimacing: Don’t think I can really contain my desire for Atléti to win.


You are gonna wear a CR7 shirt, aren’t you?