The Champions League Thread


Never been a fan of Atléti but I wouldn’t be disappointed to see them win it this season. Feel like they’ve kinda earned one over the last years. Really will be happy with anyone but those jammy cunts from Chamartín.


I think there’s strong emotional reasons for the neutral to back any of Monaco, Juventus or Atlético to glory here, guess that’s Real Madrid as the probable party pooper then.

I think you’d want to match up a couple of Attack vs Defence semis and see who wins out.

Monaco/Atlético and Real/Juventus perhaps


I wonder who the last team was to play Barcelona twice in a season and concede zero goals.


I wouldn’t put the stamp of ‘Attack’ on any of these four teams. Quite the contrary.


I’m trying to rack my brain and remember the last time Barça failed to score over two legs. I can’t think of one post-2005.

Any fellow football nerds out there please do tell :grinning:


So your saying swap Ronaldo with Giroud and Real would still be on course for back to back Champions Leagues ? Still on course for this years La Liga Title ? We’d still be 6th place in the EPL ?


Manchester United 07/08

12/13 Bayern 7-0


Fucking hell my memory is worse than I thought. Mentally skipped over them ties in my head. Thanks :grinning:

Not all that rare then. Still, superb defending from Juventus over the two games.


When’s the draw for the Semi Finals ? I’m praying for an all Madrid Tie as I cant be fucked with them having the possibility of a 3rd final against each other in 4 years.


Juve v Atletico would be a very interesting final. Not sure who wins that. I’d say Juve have more individual quality to edge it


Real Madrid can honestly get fucked, what a fraudulent piece of shit team. Any of the other 3 is fine by me.

But they can go die. Terrible team who should never have won it last year, and sure as hell better not win it 2 years in a row.


Yes. Madrid in particular would benefit from that swap because Giroud simply wouldn’t play, and Madrid are a much better team without Ronaldo, as naturally they have very nice attacking options, better than Ronaldo.


I said to one of my friends today, that no doubt we would end up making Ronaldo look like Aaron Lennon in this system. I can see it happening.

Giroud could set the world alight at Real lol.


Put Giroud in this Madrid side and let him take twice the shots per game Ronaldo does, he’ll still never come close to forty goals in a season.

The comparison is facile in the extreme.


I just want to point out that 0.6 nonPG/90 is still very good and is for example the same rate that Alexis, Robben and Diego Costa has.

Again not surprised Cuellar struggles to understand basic maths considering the Spanish education system.


That’s madness, he would easily get there under those circumstances (just taking the same amount of shots/g), between penalties and headers from how many fucking crosses Madrid play and how well Kroos delivers a dead ball he’d probably get there alone.

Yes, it’s good, it’s just not that impressive for someone who literally makes one contribution to the game and who is a negative in every other sense. Never said it wasn’t good either…


Nope still impressive, he’s a shit winger but he is an amazing poacher.

Also an unrepentant, self centered twat, but that is aside from football.


You know it’s time to chill the fuck out when your hatred for Ronaldo leads you to believe that Giroud would score forty goals for any side under any circumstances.


Those aren’t any circumstances, they’re actually the most unique circumstances in football. For no other team would Giroud would score so much obviously. Same with Ronaldo, of course.

edit: just realised I read your post wrong but yeah, under such unique circumstances .6 nonPG/90 can turn into that many goals, so yeah, if Giroud played as much as Ronaldo, shot as much as Ronaldo, was the focal point of the world’s biggest club, took all its penalties, yeah, he could definitely score that many or more.