The Champions League Thread


Reus pulls one back. Game on!


Perfectly reasonable choice, imo. He wanted to avoid exactly what happened by going with a more defensive setup (Dembele does fuck all defensively). Mendy is also someone who can match Dembele’s speed, so the plan surely was to play a controlled game first and throwing in Dembele in the later stages, when he can do most damage.


Messi can’t even take a free kick anymore.


Young men and racism?


He’s finished! Only 45 goals and 10 assists this season. :worried:


Surely better than Penaldo, right @AbouCuellar?


Trouble is, Ginter doesn’t do anything defensively either. He’s a headless chicken. TT’s plan just blew up in his face after 20mins.

The young men thing is true, but racism? Na.


Well yeah, but then a lot of people are better than Olivier Giroud.


Gotta say, Reus is still quite good player. Shame about his injuries.:cry:


Barca are just hitting against a wall.
Messi looks fucked today.


That should’ve been the goal to dispel any thoughts of a comeback.

Who the fuck were you passing to there, Ousmane?

10 years later commentators will still explain to us how to pronounce Pulisic. :expressionless:


This game has become a bit boring now.


Starting to wish for Leicester to come back to the CL. More chance of ET then. These matches are going nowhere.


Matthias Ginter. :joy::joy::joy:


It was Piszczek apparently. :expressionless:


3-1 Germain. Tie over.
Barca are so desperate they are trying Piquè as CF.


I hope Monaco and Juve avoid each other in the draw. That final would be epic! Plus I really really really do not want another fucking Madrid final!


Surely you want Monaco and Juve to draw each other in the semis then? :stuck_out_tongue:


Barca’s season resumed in a picture.


Now Barca’s era is truly over.


Well that would knock one of the Madrids out. But if Juve and Monaco are in separate draws then they can knock them both out… #postivethinking