The Champions League Thread


The game is getting nasty now. Can see some red cards now.


God I really hope this Juve team doesn’t fuck it up against Madrid. Another Madrid champions league will just be terrible for the sport of football.


I need to watch Juve more. I fucking love how organised they are. They are a UNIT that defend and attack seamlessly. Give Allegri anything he wants.


That was such a well carved out chance, Guerreiro messed up trying to pass. :facepalm:


As much as I love Monaco, it’s a bit disappointing that both games are just nothing games now. Dortmund or Barca please bloody score!


Great, great first half by Juventus. They are showing to be WC team.


wont be coming here any time soon, Wenger has assured the new player that he would be here…apparently anyway so we have another few years of the guy to piss us off.


After witnessing their god awful Champions League run last year, including that shocking final, I pray to God that they don’t get their hands on it again this year.


Perfect final is Juventus vs Monaco

Hope it happens!


Agreed. Only one team can be the most recent to retain the trophy.


With a Monaco win of course…


Dortmund used to be lethal on the counter… ASM tonight.


Neymar tried to go past everyone here :giroud:


Until Mr. Jinx came along and started supporting them…


I am not accepting that tonight. :bellerin:

When you start a game with Durm and Ginter with Dembele on the bench, that’s the manager’s fault. :joy:

However, Mr Jinx can tell you who definitely isn’t winning the CL this year. They’re Italian. :smirk:

Me? Nope, I want Max.


You want Tuche at Arsenal :xhaka: :mustafi:


Barca are just trying for themselves. There is no team play.


I’m starting to understand what draws you to certain football clubs now.


Here we go!!

Brilliant finish from Reus!!




Why isn’t he club Kapitan?! :bellerin: