The Champions League Thread


That’s not Messi! He can’t miss these chances!


Cocktor is done. 2-0.
Much better from Barca now.


Tie over in Monaco. 2-0. Dortmund can’t defend for toffee. Nor attack really.


Good. I can close my laptop and focus on one match now.


Yes Monaco!

Buzzing for them. By far the better and most entertaining team.



hows mbappe playing?


I’m intrigued to see what Monaco will do in the semi-final. They have the quality to beat any of the three teams. Just not sure if they have the discipline, structure and know how. I don’t watch Ligue 1 so maybe I’m missing something!


Higuain is so fat.


So you are saying that Tuchel is a perfect replacement manager for Wenger??


I would swap sanchez for this kid in a heartbeat, give them 25m and sanchez…deal done !! :stuck_out_tongue:


Tuchel making a 23rd minute substitution. Durm off for Dembele.


Juventus have slowed down now. But it’s ok for them. They need to relax a little bit.


What are the odds on Juventus keeping a clean sheet?


I’d rather keep Wenger than have Tuchel.

Why the fuck did he bench Dembelé to then bring him on before half an hour was even played and waste a sub.



Their defence is fucking solid. A Juventus Atletico semi final would probably be 0-0 at the end of the second leg ffs


Tuchel is all about DAT ROTATION. In a quarter final where you need 2 goals before a ball is even kicked, it’s a weird one to leave out one of your best attackers this season.


This current Barca side are not scoring more than 1 goal to Juventus.
Great defending by Chiellini here.


If you ignore the (0-3) in the corner of the screen this has actually been a great game.

On an unrelated note, how stupid were Barca to get rid of Dani Alves last summer?


Bit of an elbow by Mandzukic here.


After watching him at Atletico, that doesn’t suprise me :joy: