The Champions League Thread


Durm, Ginter, Sahin. Tuchel doesn’t want to win. :hipster:

Too important to risk on such an unimportant fixture.


Gone for a Juve-Monaco double. Forza Juve!


penalty awarded and missed 9/1


Yep, such a WC player can’t be missed today :hipster:


Gonna watch the Monaco game tonight. Think that’ll be more entertaining and I still think dortmund can do it.

I’ll switch over to the Barça game if it gets interesting!


If goals scored has become a meaningless stat I really don’t have a clue what any of us are doing following football anymore.


YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE! Nice song when not sung by scousers.


Juventus have started well.
Bonucci bottles it. Could have scored here.
Juventus showing what a great team are supposed to be.


Hahahaha Mbappeeeeee​ yes!




anyone got a good solid stream for the juve game?


What a shit save


Perfect start for Monaco! Dortmund still need two but it doesn’t look.


Tap in. Buerki assist.


I’m watching on BT Sport (Online) and I seem to be so far behind everyone ffs :confused:


P.S.G. should have played this game.
Oh! Higuain so close!
Cuadrado wastes a great counter. Should have played the ball immediately.


good man. Im having a beer atm, be back soon to rub it in your face or beg for forgiveness. :smile:


Lovely move from BVB then. Reus straight at the keeper. :neutral_face:

Auba making Subasic look a dick. :smirk:


Juventus are dominating :cech:
And now Messi with one of his typical through ball.


NURI SAHIN…off the post from a FK. :cech: