The Boxing Thread


I’m more interested in the press conferences than the fight tbh.


The only hope of the fight being interesting is if Mcgregor gets frustrated and just kicks Floyd in the head out of nowhere. That would be amazing, I’d pay the $100 to see that.


Lets go, press conference has started.


I expected a straight up press conference, this is some long ting with music performances and shit wtf?


Wtf is this?


Yea what the actual fuck are they trying to achieve here? :joy:


Fucking pricks :joy::joy::joy:


Btw, Brendan Schaub is so full of shit, I’ll never understand how his pod is so popular.


Schaub genuinely believes Conor can come out in a karate/tkd stance lol


I watch it.


McGregor certainly looking like the A side right now, right Schaub? :joy:

Over 40 minutes and we’ve not heard either fighter speak yet…


I dislike WWE/pro-wrestling. This has such a WWE/pro-wrestling vibe to it. Disgusting really.


That’s an hour of my life I’m not getting back :smile:

I thought there might be an actual question or two.


Hopefully they realise that was shit and use the normal press conference format for the next ones.


The only thing interesting about that whole event was Floyd saying he’d be prepared to use 4oz gloves.


Which he obviously is not going to do. That was just talk.


4oz gloves and Floyd’s brittle hands don’t make it past 4 rounds.


Of course he wont. Floyd’s hands would break after one punch :slight_smile:


Is anyone excited for Broner v Mikey Garcia? Don’t think I’ve watched Garcia fight before but obviously read a lot about him, I think he’s the favourite.


And then there was Floyd saying he’d fight in the Octagon :smile:


His pinstripe really does say fuck you :smile: