The Boxing Thread


Floyd isn’t fighting GGG at his age if he hasn’t already. He’s too small for him and past it in truth.


Cheers mate :ok_hand:t2: Hoping Abraham still got enough left in the tank to give Jr a whooping. Probably get outworked though.
10 years ago he woulda fuckin murdered Eubank at 160


that’s just a marketing gimmick based on how much money is involved.

They are right in that instance, wouldn’t take it to mean either one or both fighters are the best ever.


I didn’t even know Pacquaio was even fighting this weekend… anyone wanna explain to me wtf happened here?! @SRCJJ @Burgundy


I think Father time must’ve beat Manny ! Recorded it but not seen it yet. I predicted a mid rounds stoppage for pacman :weary:


The comments beneath the article seem to be saying. It was one of those bullshit points decisions… can’t trust the randomers not to be fanboys though


Horn implemented the Marquez strategy of half steps, exposing Pacquaio’s very open defense by timing right hands and following through with combinations and pushing Pacquaio on the back foot where he isn’t effective.


Partly but this type of tactics will always expose Pacquaio’s weaknesses.


The people who tuned in will be Pacman fanboys and the biased commentators are paid for by Manny’s promoter. But Horn clearly out strategised him.

Think about it why would the judges who are paid for by Manny’s promoter give the decision against Manny unless it was very clear and obvious? Bob Arum, Manny’s promoter usually pays off judges for his guy anyway but he didn’t think he needed to against Horn. He assumed it would be an easy win. In the past the Marquez-Pacquaio fights are clearly fights he paid off the judges, as were DeLaHoya-Quartey and Morales-Barrera 1 amongst others.


Just seen the punch stats and Teddy Atlas’s rant… seems like it was contentious to say the least.


It wasn’t close, Manny got completely dominated, watch the fight with the sound off so you don’t have the biased commentary influence what you’re seeing.

Like I say Teddy Atlas is working directly for Manny’s manager and is essentially biased.


You an Aussie by any chance ? Lol but Yh I’m gonna watch later.


Just a Brit who finds the way boxing promoters stack the odds and deceive fans pretty disgusting.



Whats a power punch? Is that like the boxing equivalent of XG?


LOL @ Horn only landing at 15% on Manny’s none existence defense. Both of Manny’s eyes were closed because Horn was punching the air around his eyes


It’s anything that isn’t a jab, ie a straight right, cross, hook, uppercut etc


It was a robbery


Watched the whole fight before going to the footy yesterday, was a pretty good fight.


Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London. Four live press conferences starting tonight at 10pm GMT to promote what may well become the richest bout in combat sports history.