The Boxing Thread


Absolutely. Lots of beer and a few packets of cigarettes :sweat_smile:


As a fan I honestly don’t feel like we should reward this stuff by paying 100 doller for the PPV. This is not WWE.


ha! of course, what else? :smile:



Bacon Sizzler.


Everyone knows Flame Grilled Steak and Sizzling King Prawn are the best ones…


Kovalev Ward 2 tonight.



Ward won.



I’m going to watch this fight just to see what happens really, should be interesting and that’s what I think most peoples reason for watching it will be


Watch Mayweather v Canelo, and then take away 70% of Canelo’s ability.
He’ll be made to miss and pot shotted all night , unless FMJ decides to step on the gas. Massive gulf in ability


There is no way on earth i’ll be paying to watch Mayweather v McGregor

An absolute joke of a so called fight


I’ll be watching it on a stream :mustafi:


I’ll be putting money on Conor. Should get some good odds :slight_smile:


You tend to get pretty good odds when you bet on something that is never going to happen :grin:




“The biggest fight in combat sports history”

Yes Dana, I’m sure this fight is bigger than Ali v Foreman in Zaire. Let the hype machine roll!


Canello v GGG is the real fight to get hyped on. Winner gets Floyd?


Anyone know when Euwank jr is fighting AA ?


15th of July.