The Boxing Thread


Watch Carl Froch get slated now, but he was absolutely bang on.


That was quite frankly embarrassing. A mismatch. Floyd is shot and it still wasn’t even close.


Did they hug it out at the end?

£20 saved and had a good night’s sleep instead, result



Watch out for Mcgregors KO power they said


That moment was fucking hilarious.


Was always a mismatch and Mayweather schooled him, McGregor’s lasted perhaps longer than some people thought but it’s been a long time since Floyd knocked someone out.

So the strategy was always going to be let McGregor’s use up his stamina in the early rounds and pick him off later, McGregor’s only chance was to KO Floyd in the earliest rounds but that was impossible considering his power is a myth and the disparity in skill. The amount of times McGregor used a hammer punch was just hilarious.

Floyd landed 56% of his power punches, if he had more power it would have been over a lot earlier.

McGregor’s was laughing at the end because he just got himself his biggest pay day ever, easy money for both. God bless streamers.



I found it extremely interesting how easy it was that Conor gassed out. It was competitive until then.


Don’t MMA contests go nearly as long as boxing? I heard he was spent after 2 or 3 rounds and he’s meant to be this superbly conditioned fighter


He was in perfect condition…for an MMA fight. :slight_smile:



I don’t think it was close to being competitive. I think Floyd is shot, but after the initial traditional 2 round giveaway he just went into cruise mode. Floyd wasn’t even being cautious. He was literally walking Conor down.


And I feel the 2-3 rounds at the start was on purpose by Mayweather to let him land his best shots.

And even then McGregor’s punches were never really all that and never hurt him. Apart from one in round 8 or something.


Floyd always tends to start slow because he’s getting a feel of his range and he tends to let fighters throw shots to get an idea of the variety of punching and their footwork. As soon as he’s canned on to that, it’s cruise mode for him.

I don’t think there’s a top 15 JWW fighter that Conor would beat.


Could you imagine how hilarious this fight would of been if they wore heavier boxing gloves.

Mcgregors arms would of pulled him over.



AJ’s next fight announced


Hope he smashes his fucking face into his head.


Decent mandatory for AJ. Shouldn’t have too much trouble with Pulev. Although he’s fairly good technically and wobbled WK in their fight , got brutally stopped in 5.
Made chisora look bang average (some might say that’s not too difficult though). Can’t see any other outcome than Joshua by mid rounds stoppage :man_shrugging:t2:

Then the real fights at HW can get made AJ v Ortiz and Wilder