The Boxing Thread


About an hour and 45 minutes from now


Better get the kettle on


Yeah shouldn’t be to hard considering its the middle of the afternoon.


For once we have to endure an early hours sporting event my Aussie friend


My joy is going to be short lived when I watch the Arsenal between 1am-3am tonight, then have to be up for work at 530 am lol.


Just don’t do it to yourself man.


This better be good.


I’m awake because I’ve got heartburn since I’ve been eating like a gluttonous tudor king on this holiday to Cornwall.

Getting old sucks.


Any good streams about?


Main event might be delayed because there’s said to be major issues with the PPV, multiple providers PPV’s are dropping.



Fucking lol :joy:


streams anyone


Went almost exactly how you would have expected it to. McGregor can be proud of his display.


Today we learned Mcgregor wont be having another boxing fight.


He done well to last that long tbh. Such a missmatch, Connor wasn’t competitive at all. Felt like Mayweather could have finished it at will.


Well, at least I got to hear Irish accents at the end of every round. :giroud3:

I know the sum total of sweet Fanny Adams about boxing but I watched this one.


Floyd looked out of shape too. Pretty sure that will be his final fight


Lol @ those McGregor punches. Fucking slaps and taps.


Just destroyed him in that last Round