The Boxing Thread


Love that suit haha


Conor McGregor live individual press conference

Floyd Sr is hilarious :joy:


I remember making good money off Maidana beating Broner because his limitations were always obvious. Whilst Garcia is the favourite, I’m not necessarily sold on him either. But Broner career as a draw rests on winning this fight.


“You’re 40 years old. Why you carrying a schoolbag onto the stage? You can’t even fucking read!”

Much lols :slight_smile:



I’m not that big on MMA or boxing, but if McGregor has such little chance of beating Mayweather why is he bothering? He clearly has tonnes of money already, and his reputation obviously means a lot to him.

It also seems rather odd that a MMA fighter would try and beat a pro boxer. The two are rather different…


Panto Season 6 months early - embarrassing


Well he will earn more from this fight alone than all his other fights combined to this point. He’s a zero zero record boxer going up a guy who is 49-0 so I don’t see any reputational damage happening no matter what the outcome.


So, although I watch the box office fights, I’m not big on boxing, but just to be clear:

This is a non boxer thinking he can beat the best boxer in the world at boxing? I will definitely pay money for this!


The $100 million he’s reported to be earning is enough to convince any pugilist alive to step in the ring and fight anyone.


Dont believe the hype. Mayweather and McGregor are laughing their arses off behind closed doors.


So patronising. Any boxing match, they are surely laughing!


Don’t. That is the only reason why they do this. It has nothing to do with sport.


Any chance they’re on good terms away from the cameras, or will be seconds after the fight is over?


Boils down to if you are willing to get your ass kicked for £100m.

Especially by a guy who might not hit as hard since his hands are fucked and hasn’t knocked out someone in a long time.


Are you offering? If so sign me up :smiley:



And the answer is, no.



See Wenger thread :smirk: