The Betting Thread


Joey Barton to never play football again

1/100 :sunglasses:


Fuck Tottenham. Come on you gunners!


You can hate me now! I am cynical like that. I dare you to like that bet lol.


I’ll only hate you if it’s GBP and not Bulgarian levs


Just always assume that I bet in my local currency. But not being hated on is a relief!!!




Ah man so what is your currency? What’s it roughly in pounds?

I’ve always assumed it’s in pounds and you’re our resident high roller :joy:


1 GBP = 2.3 BGN
70BGN is roughly 30 GBP

Don’t know if it’s going to stay the same once you guys leave the EU though :slight_smile:
The BGN is fixed to the euro, 1 BGN = 0.5 EUR


Venturing into horse racing today. Mate of mine owns a small stake in this horse so that’s what has tempted me to dip my toe


First win on the horses!

Only right to put a tenner on Mbappe anytime at 3.25 :smile:


Split a fiver on West Ham Win / Draw got my money back on the draw but wish I just put the full fiver on the win. Come on you hammers!


Had to redeem myself and wash off the dirt after betting on spurs last week. :smiley:


Oh great.

@Gladiator is here to make us all feel bad about our gambling prowess


I was hoping I was making you feel good bro.


I’d feel good if you shared tips instead of just your winners :smile:


Well at least I don’t share all my winners, only the ones I feel are relevant to the forum. :slight_smile: I thought that’s the point. This can hardly be a tipster place.

I would give you a tip but Sunderland just landed in a 4 fold with 3 others pending tonight and tomorrow and I don’t want to jinx it. :smiley:


No I’m not serious, just being playful. Though tbh there’s no harm in sharing the odd bet beforehand :grin:

Then again, I share mine before sometimes and leave myself open to mockery from @PPB :laughing:


I hate sharing bets before hand. I get very superstitious about saying predictions out loud even though I am the least superstitious person ever born. :scream:

I will try to work on that. :smiley:


I get that. Gambling seems to be this weird thing that breeds superstition in even the most rational and sceptical of people lol


I like to refer to gambling as investing in sports related markets. :grin: