The Betting Thread


Jordan Spieth @ 8/1
Justin Thomas @ 40/1


Fortunately I cashed out the Liverpool game early. Can’t trust them to hold on. The last 3 months have been pretty break even. Not going broke but also not making any profit lol.


Had a Hull and Chelsea double today. 6 quid on at about 4.8


Im heartbroken. 87th min Bournemouth goal cost me big time.

The worse part is I was playing football and left my phone in my car. Our game overran and I got to my phone a min after the Bournemouth goal. Otherwise I would have certainly cashed out. Gutted…

(Top team was Arsenal)


Who knows about golf? Any tips for each way outsiders? I’m going to bet on Adam Scott, I do for every major, because I fancy him :sunglasses: Someone mentioned Tommy Fleetwood. Any others?


Sounds like he has it in the bag to me :sunglasses:


My Pick 7 for today

Thomas Campbell 8/1
Mount Mews 9/4
Might Bite 8/15
Sub Lieutenant 11/4
As De Mee 9/1
The Worlds End 9/4
If The Cap Fits 5/1


Looks like we will both have 6 losses each at least then lol


@PPB as you can see I’m refusing to accept that I’m shit at calling scorelines :sweat_smile:


I like your dedication to prove the impossible. I put a small amount on Hull to win the first 10 minutes @19, just to have a good laugh in case it happens. It would be great if you made me look like a fool for doubting you and won the score line bet. Good luck.


After Norwich were the only 1 of 16 teams not to score in my BTTS acca last weekend, they’ve scored 5 today :rage:




A goal off each. You’re improving :smiley:


Got a quid on Lord Rothermere at 34, a quid on Roi de Francs at 51 and a quid on Pleasant Company at 15

Continuing the my dad’s tradition of betting on the horse with a royal connection in its name due you our surname being King.

Edit: @PPB I had 4-1 City too to hedge my bets :joy:




Taking a punt on Giroud’s brilliant record at Selhurst Park and that our last three trips there have been 1-2 wins!


Fiver on Benteke first goal


It’s a shame Wenger doesn’t put as much stock in Giroud’s record at Selhurst Park lol


See this is why I don’t go big :joy:


Crystal Palace HT and over 10 corners
5 won 45

Arsenal 0 goals
7 won 28