The Betting Thread


Haye hasn’t fought a decent fighter since Chisora in 2012. He’s had injuries, a long lay off and also I think will struggle if the fight goes long.

But Bellew doesn’t have a good chin.

So personally I think Haye will tear through him. But if the fight goes too long then Haye will probably gas.


Well that’s both of those bets completely fucked :joy:


Both mine had United too. Fucking cuntbutlers


united fucked me royally.


They are not completely useless, then. :grinning:




Jammy cunt. Whilst I miss out on a 7 fold because an in-form Zlatan couldn’t score a pen. Give up :hushed:


The odds of them horses in that guys bet ffs

2 @ 14’s 1 @ 12’s and 1 @ 10’s

Couldnt make that shit up ffs

Like others Man Utd fucked my bets up before they had even begun

Stuck another £5 on another 5 fold and West Brom let me down lol. Think i will just give up until next season

Cheltenham soon anyway so lets lose some more money on that :joy:


Unreal. Congrats to him lol


Suarez 2 goals or more, Auba 2 or more and Aguero 2 or more. 56p stake - £22.93 return

Barca, Dortmund and City triple. £10 stake - £24.36 return

Barcelona to win 4-0. £1 stake - £21 return

Barcelona to win 5-0. £1 stake - £36 return


Now watch them win it 6-0


Well you were right about the bet getting fucked, even if you didn’t figure the exact method lol


At least you didn’t lose much. The City one though… hmmm


I don’t even know the score…

Edit: I do now. Just switched channel. Safe to say this is not what I expected


I got my gif ready


Barca made any betters happy then?




Jup… +40 on Barca going through. Not the world but the odds were just too good.

Unlucky @JakeyBoy… better luck next time.




Shit like that is why I stopped betting. Absolute mugs game.