The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


C’mon Granit! :switzerland:






Imagine how good this Swiss team could be if they had a better striker than Haris Seferovic. Seems to be more of a hindrance than a help.


Switzerland 0-0 at HT.


Been a very decent game tbf.

The switz striker has missed some sitters tho… Echoes of Giroud at home to Monaco in 14/15


This game needs a goal. Would be gutting for NI to be eliminated due to a penalty that should never have been given.


We have Embolo who has a bright future ahead of him but just came back from a severe injury. And yeah, Seferovic can be frustrating.


Gerry Armstrong “a few of them (Switz players) are wearing gloves…it doesn’t appeal to me…almost like they don’t want it”

He’s gone full yer da!! SCREAMING :joy::joy::joy:


Armstrong really needs to move his mouth away from the microphone. Thanks to him, i’m rooting for a Swiss player with gloves on to score now.


Gloves are fer pussies. :laca::sanchez2:


Don’t forget :henry2:


Say ze german :hipster:


Lichtsteiner openly doping. Disqualify Switzerland and let the Paddies through!




Lichtsteiner is a legitimate bellend. :rofl:




Wow. Mehmedi close. Swiss should’ve ended this. :eyes:


Seferovic could have stayed on that pitch all night on his own and still wouldn’t have scored! The guy probably can’t even finish his dinner!




Congrats @SwissGooner :+1:


Fuuuucccckkkk. Out because of a dodgy penalty! Agony.


So Switzerland qualifies thanks to a dodgy penalty.


Who gives a fuck! If it’s not your country support the Arsenal players!