The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Bloody jock!!!


Yeah and Italy looked like scoring late… can see this easily being 1-1 early in Milan and then anything can happen.

Happy with my Swedes, but it is far from over.


Yeah Italy hit the post too. OK they didn’t get the away goal, but still, they have the quality to make a difference in the second leg. I’m torn. I wanted Italy to win because Italy are always at the World Cup. But now, it would be kinda cool to see Sweden there. Big fan of yellow kits.


Go with your heart, Phoebica =) Swedes have missed the last two as well =/


Well I was a big fan of Freddie…




Poor attempt man. Troll of the year.


Why isn’t Honduras Australia on UK TV? We have a massive Australian community over here. I have 2 at work, in a team of 25!


We had the better of that first half, really should have the away goal to show for it.


Football is a Fucking SHIT. Don’t know why I still bother; Arsenal, Ajax, Holland. Depressing.




Well go and support mancity then :henry2: :campbell:


Plastic glory hunter :hipster:


Why are Italy so bad, this is sad to see. Especially when Series A is so good this year?


Ventura replaced Conte and rather than stick with the same formula or make minor adjustments to it - he ripped it up and tried to play 4-2-4. It just hasn’t worked at all for him.


Look at our national team. Most of the them are reserves or are too old.


Australia 0-0 FT.


I just checked the wiki page for Italy NT. Surprised that so many play in for clubs in Italy - 5/25 don’t play for Italian clubs. Then I checked England and there’s only one that doesn’t have an England flag next to the club name and it’s a Welsh flag. :sweat_smile:

Yep, this was a pointless post.


No I get you. There is a reason why England are shit. Because they all play in England.


Yeah would have taken the result before kickoff but felt we had the better chances in the game, anyways if we are good enough we will get the job done in Sydney.