The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


hit the post my friend!!!


You are deserving to win. More heart and more passion from you.


Your teams good but like England and France your managers not :pensive:


Lorenzo save us! :expressionless:


YES :sweden::sweden::sweden::sweden::sweden::sweden::sweden:


Lol Calum wants to hang out with Luca


No one wants the Spaghettis to win then? :poldi:


Shut the fuck up, you bloody angus with rotten chips :wink:


We are gonna have a fight for Christmas in Glasgow :sunglasses:


No one wants your wee country to win jack shit, you bloody cocktor :mustafi:


Hey! That’s my country too!


I do like you so much, but i just hate that fake english man for Enfield. We know he was born in Dusseldorf.
5 minutes added on.


Meh…another shit weekend for me. First Arsenal, then Italy. Only Parma can save me now.


Match finished. Switched to England. 0-0. Surprise surprise. That midfield is possibly the worst England midfield I have ever seen.


you still have 90+ minutes at the Stadio Olimpico (or will it be San Siro?)


San Siro. I can see the game going to ET (maybe).


Look at Gareth. Blokes wearing a Poppy on his lapel and got a Poppy armband on too. :poldi:


Italy vs Sweden deserved to be a draw, both teams created fuck all. I can sense penalties coming in Milan with Italy winning the 2nd leg 1-0.


Senegal has qualified to the WC.