The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification



So they are going bankrupt now :wenger:


Doesn’t mean much considering the majority watch foreign football here anyways. People will watch for Messi and Ronaldo, doubt it will effect the ratings much.




Football (or soccer…) is the fastest growing sport in the USA.


Nailed on to get the job.


Who else can we get though lol

Derek McInnes isn’t leaving. Who else is there unless we go foreign. Honestly Scotland are just shite and it doesn’t matter who we get.


It may not affect the ratings much, but it will affect the economy for sure.

Whenever there is a U.S. game (basketball, soccer/football, baseball, ice-hockey), more people go to sports bar, pubs and places that have big TVs and spend money there. No need to say the jersey/apparel business.

U.S, not getting into WC is NOT GOOD.


David Moyes is way above the calibre the team ranked 43 in the world should expect.

In fact it’s way above the calibre of the coaches of England, Wales and Northern Ireland by some way.


Which reminds me why haven’t England hired a coach yet?


They just decided they couldn’t be bothered and gave it to Southgate full time.


Or the usual of not going very far in a WC cup or euro competition only to be replaced by another loser, makes you wonder if it is always the coaches or we are putting too much on the likes of AOC thinking players like this are good enough to do anything of substance!


They wanted to make sure they didn’t hire another guy who would be caught doing dodgy dealings so went to the other end of the scale and hired the most boring man in Britain.

I imagine Southgate is the kinda guy who for lunch has a plain cheese sandwich cut into triangles of equal proportion, a bottle of water and ready salted crisps.


Honestly think Moyes would be a good shout for the Scotland job. I dont mean this in even a vaguely derogatory way, but what better could you attract? He’s a good manager, far better than Strachan anyway.


Fair but he’s been really poor at every club he’s managed since Everton.

Up for giving him a chance though as long as he plays the form players and not just his favourites like Strachan done. Tbf though GS didn’t do that bad a job for us certainly our best manager since Mcleish a decade ago but was his time to go.


That’s all fair. The thing is, can you do any better? (I know I’m repeating myself)

I think you can’t, which is why I think he’d genuinely be a good shout


Just thinking he’s a bit of a dinosaur and would be good to get a young modern manager in with a philosophy but that’s a pipe dream :joy:

But looking on sky bet Moyes Malkay Mackay and Paul Lambert are the top 3 favourites so maybe Moyes isn’t so bad now after reading that :joy::joy:


lmao that’s what I’m saying, name a better realistic candidate and I’m totally with you :smiley:


The level of candidate the SFA can attract comes down to how much money they’re willing to pay.


Malky Mackay :xhaka: :sanchez2: