The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Couldn’t have articulated that in a more American way lol


American is shit in football… everybody knows except the arrogant and Wenger :stuck_out_tongue:

So, be competitive and to improve was what Klinsmann doing.
Fought against Belgium in the WC, and just lost 1-2, was an “achievement” to me. Not trying to comfort myself.
Future should be bright, if USMNT stick on Klinsi’s program, and kept recruiting overseas players that were already having more intense training and competition day in and day out.
Then we had Bruce Arena and to play the old farts (I should call them veterans) from the MLS, a league that is good enough for semi-retired Ashley Cole to play in.

Compare to yesterday’s result, getting the same result, that 2014 WC defeat meant so much more…


Are chilean going black? @AbouCuellar


Not if Klu Klux Kuellar has anything to say about it.


As usual, dunno what TSC is on about, they’re already a bunch of negritos, you could hardly make that team blacker. I guess if you educated them a bit so they could rap in english, but that’s asking way too much of TSC’s people.


I see you are being racist towards them once again. But you do like a proven racist like Suarez who is a negrito as well.


^^^The risks of doing an ignorant right-wing-bigot routine on the OA. Luca will take it seriously.


I love your ignorant right-wing-bigot routine. :kissing_heart:


Aha, that makes sense. I always wondered why it was taking the US federation so long to figure out that they needed to send players abroad to develop. Makes sense that there’s a systematic, economic problem that’s getting in the way. If that continues I don’t see the state of U.S. football improving much.

@Persona thanks babe. :kissing_heart:


MLS is a billion business, USMNT needs their own star players to help promote the league.
They developed the CONCACAF players well, but not well developed their own U.S. players.


Well, we know you are german.

Germans mean…:henry2:


…Being multicultural and welcoming to those less fortunate? :eyes::sunglasses:



Vacationing in Mallorca and the Canary Islands?


They do always love to invade a country, don’t they? :xhaka:


I see Vidal did his best Messi impression by throwing his toys out of the pram and retiring from international football before doing a U-turn hours later.


He’s a bit of a silly willy, isn’t he?


Brilliant :joy:



Aaaand…We’ve found the Argentine Roncero: